Yesterday was day two of a huge mailing project at work. I had to (accurately) type addresses for every client, and then print them, then type return labels for them to . . .return things. And those had to be accurate, too.
I didn’t figure out that I could save the addresses, making a few minutes of typing into a three click situation until halfway through today, which was roughly three-quarters of the way through the entire project.
My whole work day was off balance, and that bugs me because I love creating patterns and structure in my work life but I couldn’t sort the mail until I was done with the mailing and then after the mailing were the stragglers that decided they needed to be mailed after all, and then when I did sort the mail I had to figure out who needed to be called and alerted to our new business and some people don’t put any phone numbers on their correspondence.

Today was spent calling those people, or emailing, or faxing them.

I want my pattern back.