**warning:  this post will be composed primarily of whining, and ought to be read with a high-pitched tone, extra syllables in words, and exaggerated sighs and sobs **


Mostly I’m proud of Nikolai for running a game online.  He’s learning things that can be applied to a job, he’s having fun, and he’s getting some small notoriety for it.  I do not like it when this hobby cuts into my attention time.  Like today, I got home from work and bantered with him and his buddy over skype as I changed and got some food.  I did all the things I wanted to do on my computer, and then realized that I had been home for an hour and Nick hadn’t so much as hugged me, or stood up, or kissed me or anything.  I marched over to demand my rightfully-owed attention which got me a seat on his lap for a minute and a half.  And then he dislodged me and turned back to his screens.  Hmmmm. . . .


Fists clenched? Check.


Lips pursed?  Check.


Eyebrows pinched together?  Check and check.


I had my angry face on.  He glanced back and noticed, then proceeded to whine at ME that they’re doing a big thing today and he needs to focus, good grief!  Because clearly, this is universal news.  You guys knew, right?  Who didn’t know that they were working a big thing today?  Gosh, what is my problem?  I need to calm my business down.  Oh, wait a second – yeah, I was never informed of this.

I totally did the polite and mature thing, though.  I quietly and calmly informed him that I will need advance notice for days that he will be unable to shower me with attention, as is my due.  Otherwise, I get hurt, and I get disappointed, and I roll those vulnerable emotions into something powerful, like anger, and then I tend to sneak up behind him and smack him in the head with no warning.  Because he didn’t warn me about the game.  It’s called poetic justice, babe.