I was a grown up today.  I stayed an hour or so late at work to finish a project (I’m support staff, so a project pretty much just means copious scanning) and finished it.  Now, I knew I was going to do this yesterday, and I warned Nikolai last night and again this morning that I would be home later than usual.  I asked him to pack extra snacks in my lunch bag. (shut up my husband packs my lunch if he didn’t I’d be late every dang day and he’d sleep until ten and I would resent him)

I did my thang.  I got my daily tasks done.  I planned ahead, started the project, ate my snacks, stayed on task.   I completed that betch.  I scanned the crap out of those documents.  And then before driving home I asked Nikolai to greet me with an adult beverage because if I have to be grown up, then dang it I get to have a grown up drink.  While he mixed my madness, I folded my clean clothes you guys I’m a total grown up.  Now if only being grown up was as much fun as being a kid. . . . oh well, the drinks have more kick.  And NOT in the shins, which is crucial, in my book.