I’m back addicted to knitting.  I got over it for a while because I felt so busy at work, and with work.  Now, thought, I have promised my dad a pair of fingerless gloves so I better make good on that.  I started that project Friday and have made good progress thus far.  It’s a fun pattern.  I also have recently become enamored of the idea of knitting myself socks.  I keep getting the craft newsletters that feature socks and shawls and sweaters and things, and I find myself drooling over the sock ideas.  I want to make myself tons of socks and maybe then some stockings or tights  and then maybe a sweater and or skirt or sweaterdress or cardigan or pretty lacy shawl and then I can make more of the one I like and then I can make myself all new clothes and they’ll be so pretty and it’ll be so fun. . . send help.


ed. note:  I spoke too soon.  There’s something to do with the thumb webbing part, but while it tells me to add stitches for that, it doesn’t tell me where, or how.  COME ON INTERNET HELP ME HERE.