Tonight, for (I think) the first time, Nick and I cooked together.  AND IT WAS AMAZING.  We used a mulligatawny recipe from The Pioneer Woman that used chicken, onions, and apples with curry and cream.  We worked together, people!  I chopped things, and Nikolai stirred things, and we both measured things, and after an altercation about rice, we arrived at a new favorite curry soupy thing.  This is big for Nikolai, because he doesn’t really like soups as are soups.  He likes chilis, chowders, and other thick things.

I’m just busy being amazed that we shared a kitchen and cooked a dish together, because as previously noted, we have issues in the kitchen.  He can cook up great things alone, I can whip up deliciousness solo, but we’ve not often shared and made a thing together.  BUT TONIGHT IT WORKED OH MAN.  Rejoice with me, my chillens.  Er, friendends.  Okay, like my three readers ever. I DON’T EVEN CARE WE COOKED TOGETHER.



Also curry is delicious.  That is all.