Songwriters these days don’t put much poetry in their work.  It seems that a basic knowledge of language itself is likewise unnecessary.  I have heard grammar be utterly mutilated, I have heard fragments, tenses gone wrong, and plurals ignored.  My biggest annoyance is incorrect use of metaphors or pop culture references.  For example: Ms. Ke$ha sings,”Drink that kool aid, follow my lead,” and I am not confident that she knows she’s referencing the Jonestown massacre, and I’m even less confident that her 13-year-old fans realize they’re singing about a cult leader that convinced his followers to kill themselves with kool-aid laced with cyanide.  Perhaps, Ke$ha, you should not compare a fanatical, suicidal cult with your little group of friends at a dance club.  It’s just a thought.

Selena Gomez came on the radio as I drove home.  While I find her utterly adorable, her song annoyed me.  “I love you like a love song, baby!  I just keep hitting repeat!”  A fantastic proclamation, my dear.  You love “baby” like a love song.  Do you love him in agreement with the words of the love song lyrics?  Or, do you love him like you love a particular love song, which is why you keep hitting the repeat button?  YOUR LYRICS ARE VERBALLY VAGUE AND DO NOT FOSTER COMPREHENSION.  Go, my children.  Go forth and read the works of poets from years gone by and civilizations older than your own.  Try to understand what they use to convey more than one idea within one sentence.  Learn from them.  CHANGE YOUR OBNOXIOUS WAYS.


~end rant~