After saying nothing for months, I now have things to say.  I will make them two separate things, however, and I may keep the funny one for a later date.  This first one is a big deal though – there is a new and fascinating book out.  It’s a self-help book, and I’m totally going to crib the press release from the blog where I first read about it.

THE MARIA PARADOX, written by Drs. Rosa Gil and Carmen Vazquez, is a unique self-help guide for Hispanic women and the men who love them.
The authors challenge the machismo-reinforcing idea of “marianismo,” a centuries-old belief system that in effect tells Latinas: “Don’t forget a woman’s subservient place; never put your own needs first; sex is for making babies.”
Filled with self-help exercises, this clearly written manual offers practical advice on how to build support networks, overcome passivity, forge career paths, change or get out of abusive relationships and increase sexual fulfillment.Filled with real-life success stories and wise, compassionate advice, THE MARIA PARADOX details how Latinas can enjoy the best of both worlds.
The book can be purchased from all major online retailers. The authors can also be found on Twitter and on Facebook.
My friend, aspiring author A.B. Keuser, wrote well about it here.  The cultural and societal rules the sexes obey has always been a frustration to me, and it seems that this book will be a response to that, with ways to counteract it.  the book is written to Latinas, but I believe that there is wisdom to be gained from it regardless of heritage.  I plan to read it soon.