I realized that very few people read this, mostly my aunt and uncle.  I don’t want to record my exercise or food, I don’t care about fashion.  I mostly care about ridiculous things happening in my life and how funny they are, and how amusingly they can be related.

For example: I am attempting to get good at making things with my hands, like food, and gifts, and helpful things like sweaters.  Also sock.  Note I said sock, not socks.  I have made roughly half of one sock, and given HOW BLOODY LONG  it takes to knit even one inch with the dang tiny needles and the dang tiny yarn and the dang tiny stitches I think I could knit another sweater (which I am) in the time it will take to make a pair of socks. And the last time I made a sweater, it took me a month of knitting along to watching How I Met Your Mother, all six seasons that were available on Netflix.  Obsessively.  Almost every night, and most weekends.  I don’t even know where I’m going with this, except maybe I’ll just tell stories to my aunt and uncle from here on out.  It works for me.

That first sweater?  I know which way is front by the left wrist cuff.  It’s tighter because I bound it off wrong but I don’t care enough to undo it and fix it, besides how else will I know which way it goes?