I do not have fleas or poison oak, in case you were wondering.  I have an itch for change.  It happens every year.  It happens around January-February, when the winter has been long and dreary and the fun of Christmas and holidays have gone.  I get itchy and restless and nothing is good enough.  I pick fights with Nikolai and I fidget, color my hair or cut it.  This year we did a quick weekend at the coast with friends in dreary winter, so that forestalled the itch.

I have it now.  I have been mentally prepared to be purchasing a house and moving, but that change isn’t happening, which is having an odd effect of making me crave change because I was prepared for some and it hasn’t come.  I know what my cure will be, though.  Well, I have about three options lined up in my mind.  I’ll either dream about them until the itch fades, or the house thing will actually happen (no it won’t) and take up my need for change. First option: meet with a tattoo artist to consult on the next tattoo I want.  I have had vague ideas for a few years now, and I would like to make them a bit more solid.  I need to at least find an artist I want to work with first, and that’s fun.

I could start hiking every weekend or after work on nice days.  I could sign up for a few more parkour classes.  I could sign up for some crazy classes at my dance studio.  Mostly I want to do the tattoo thing.  Probably because I have three tattoo projects in line in my head, and I want to do them in order so I have to get started.  Someone, chime in!  Give me an opinion!