On this, most American of holidays, the one where we take a religious icon and . . . .drink in his honor? I like to make an Irish Car Bomb, or Irish Car Firecracker because I always do half measures. A bi of Irish whiskey in a shot of Irish cream, dropped into Irish Guinness and drunk as fast as possible.

It’s silly, but I do like it, on this day. Once a year. It makes me silly, and nostalgic for like, 3 years ago, but it’s a fun thing. Plus, the booze makes my fingers warm and assists me in ignoring the passage of time as I vacuum. You’d be amazed at how quickly stair vacuuming can go when one is gently “illuminated”. Happy holiday.


I’ve been thinking about theater more and more lately.  I was a drama kid in high school, and man, it was fun being someone else!  It was fun being a part of a concerted effort to make people happy, sad, laugh.  I think we always had happy endings.  Friends have suggested I get into community theater, and that might be fun. . . I’m just not sure.  I think what I really want is for my old troupe and my old director (yes, from high school, leave me alone) to get back together as adults and just continue on.

While the idea might seem preposterous, there are enough of us living within a half-hour drive-time radius that I think we could do it.  I know this because of Facebook, of course.  The director would probably even be impressed that our years away from high school have deepened our experiences and ability.

Until then, Jazzhands.  Exit, stage left.

This person just friended me on Facebook and even though I’ve read her name on comments and on her blogs (yes, plural – she’s a writer on the loose!) I couldn’t figure out who she was for a second.  AND THEN she mentioned me mentioning the awesome show The 10th Kingdom and how I totally won her approval by loving it with unbridled passion and I was even more confused because I didn’t know how that information got to her.  But, to make myself feel better, I am now going to state here that I totally crazy-16 year-old-drama geek-awkward-fantasy reader-daydreamer LOVE The 10th Kingdom.  I remember it with wistfulness and other sundry nice, sad feelings.  I remember watching it on a very small TV where someone had to adjust the antennae just so depending on which of 9 channels we were watching.  I remember having vivid dreams about the alternate world where all the fairy tales were real.  I remember having a crush on Wolf and that being the start of my fascination and resulting huge crushes on werewolves (except Jacob Black because I read the Twilight books at like 21 or something and that would have been creepy and inappropriate for me to get all googly-eyed over a 17 year old even if he’s a werewolf.  I mean, half of the werewolf attraction factor is how scruffy and disreputable they look as humans and Jacob Black is so babyfaced it’s like his skin isn’t even capable of working up a respectable scruff.  How can that even count as a werewolf?  They’re supposed to be – crap, what’s the word where you don’t know if they’re a good guy or a bad guy, ambivalent? no, arthropod? way off  . . .it’s an “A” word, someone help me out here).  I remember the blind woodcutter’s name.  I remember how the queen’s huntsman paid for his unerring crossbow.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, YOU HAVE A LOT OF WATCHING TO DO.  Don’t worry, if you want to have a crush on Wolf too, that’s okay.  See, I don’t get possessive of my crushes on fictional characters, 1-because I’m married and that would be problematic, and 2- I am aware that they are not real.  So being possessive of an unreal person is about as sensible as thinking you will crash my new car if you see a picture of it.  Okay, that’s not a perfect simile, but at least I know what a simile is and the rules that apply to make it such.  Grammar!