This is not, actually, going to be wildly inappropriate. I just like to have a signature scent, like perfume. I used to wear a Calvin Klein perfume, but they discontinued that subset of the line and I thought it was too young for me, anyway, after a good few years. I tried another one, this time by Marc Jacobs, but there was an undertone that I thought I could ignore. Turns out I can’t ignore it.

So now, I am trying an Issey Miyake perfume. I know this is riveting information, so try to take it slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed. I have a tiny sample in my pocket, and two spritzes on my sternum. Now it’s a question of if I want to smell like this all the time. I’ll know if I like it in a few hours. The ultimate question: does this give me a headache/make me sick?

And you guys, I really want to have a new perfume. My house, while beloved, smells faintly of the cigar smoker who was in residence prior to us. I need to smell like me, and not my house. And especially not like my house’s previous residents.

This perfume is pretty floral, pretty rosy. Not sure how it’s going to turn out.


Foundation, concealer, eye shadow galore, blush, mascara, eyeliner extravaganza, and that’s about it.  I love eye colors, mostly because a lot of them are shimmery and shimmer is close to sparkle, and sparkle is the color of magic.  Well, it is if you listen to me.  If you listen to Terry Pratchett, it’s an 8th color in the spectrum only visible in the Rimbow that shines at the waterfall off the edge of the Disc.

At work, one of my favorite coworkers who has pretty wild and funky hair was whining at one of the stylists in hopes of getting said stylist to work on lifting the color out of her hair.  Funky Coworker wants to be all platinum, instead of areas of black amidst the platinum and pink and turquoise.  Hearing her wax eloquent (repetitive) about what she wanted had an odd effect on me – I wanted to go blonde, too!  I wanted to drastically change my hair color today and go home and scare the crap out of Nick.  Granted, I also wanted to cut it all off and get my nose pierced, but let’s keep it simple.  I really like the idea of drastically changing my appearance.  I don’t think I could healthily and safely go platinum, but what about strawberry blonde?  What about gold blonde?  What about a jillion shades of haircolor that I could conceivably wear well?  Long story short, I did not do anything to my hair.  I’m too concerned about the potential damage with going blonde and how fragile it would make my hair, especially with what my other hair goal is: growing it out about two more inches.  That’ll take me about four months, maybe six depending on my own internal health.  That will take me into the cold months and then I’ll want my hair around for warming my neck.  So maybe I’ll cut it next year?  Maybe I’ll just color it.

Also, I think I still want to get my nose pierced.  But! A couple of things are stopping me.  1- the two most prominent stars with nose rings that I can think of right now are Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha.  Seriously not two females I’d like to be equated with, or to be thought to be emulating.  SERIOUSLY.

What am I even talking about?  I’m going to bed.  This is all nonsense, really.