This is not, actually, going to be wildly inappropriate. I just like to have a signature scent, like perfume. I used to wear a Calvin Klein perfume, but they discontinued that subset of the line and I thought it was too young for me, anyway, after a good few years. I tried another one, this time by Marc Jacobs, but there was an undertone that I thought I could ignore. Turns out I can’t ignore it.

So now, I am trying an Issey Miyake perfume. I know this is riveting information, so try to take it slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed. I have a tiny sample in my pocket, and two spritzes on my sternum. Now it’s a question of if I want to smell like this all the time. I’ll know if I like it in a few hours. The ultimate question: does this give me a headache/make me sick?

And you guys, I really want to have a new perfume. My house, while beloved, smells faintly of the cigar smoker who was in residence prior to us. I need to smell like me, and not my house. And especially not like my house’s previous residents.

This perfume is pretty floral, pretty rosy. Not sure how it’s going to turn out.


I just opened the wrong end of some girl scout cookies.  You know, the end of the box that spells out in no uncertain terms, “open the other end that is designed for opening, and not this firmly glued, clearly marked, difficult to open end, you idiot.” Also, yesterday while flossing I cut my lip.  With the floss.  I only started flossing again two days ago, spurred to a burst of good behavior by Nick scheduling a dental appointment. . .for himself.  But hey, maybe the dentist will know that I’m not flossing and then he’ll judge me!